Not an interview from 1980.

Me around 1980...maybe 1979...could be 1978...or 1981

My first broadcast interview was in 1980...maybe 1979 though it could have been 1978 or 1981. The band I was bass player with at the time was playing in and around Sydney. The band shall remain anonymous, as the name was quite dreadful (unfortunately my idea) which probably, combined with our semi-delinquency, contributed to our lack of success. We were contacted by a local Western Sydney independent radio station,also remaining nameless, for an interview of that localities "up and coming" bands. I don't remember much about the interview, due to an ambient haze: and limited vocabulary, punctuated by a few "um's", a couple of "err's" and a long "argh" on playback.

Many years past...

Then a few years ago (I'm not good with "years" these days) I was in Los Angeles working with my good friend Cirina Catania. With Robert Redford Cirina is co-founder of The Sundance Film Festival, an awarded National Geographic photographer and former VP of Worldwide marketing for United Artists and she maintains many contacts and friends in Tinsel Town. For reasons known better to a force greater than I; she continues to find my work both unique and fresh. Cirina put me in touch with the "good folk" at The Digital Production Buzz and an interview was arranged with host Larry Jordon for one of their weekly on-line podcasts.

That was my second broadcast interview. By that time my vocal command of the English language had improved to a level coherent to most English speakers...including Americans. I'd improvised a curtain backdrop in Cirina's lounge room where the Skpe interview with Larry was conducted. The curtain did manage to detach from its clothes peg moorings mid-interview (I put it down to an LA earthquake) but apart from that minor mishap the interview seemed well accepted by both the "good folks" and the listening audience.

A couple of weeks ago (I retain a sound knowledge of "weeks"...just not years) I was contacted by The Digital Production Buzz for a further interview with Larry Jordon. Larry decided halfway through the interview that my name was Cliff, hence along with some of my longwinded replies requiring abbreviation, there are a few edits. Nonetheless I've found I rather enjoy being interviewed but I still gotta work on those "um's" and "err's" to lessen the "argh's".

Here's a link to the interview...