Surname: Ratcliffe

Given names: Craig Nicholas

Date of birth: Sometime mid to early late 20th Century

Birthplace: Sydney Australia

Current place of residence: Brisbane 

State/Province: Queensland

Nationality: Of Earth

A lapsed amateur juggler and semi-trained psychiatric nurse with a Steve Jobs-esque penchant for black t-shirts, Craig is a somewhat friendly and occasionally interesting bass player who has found himself in the awkward position of having to photograph people, things and places in order to make a living.


Though inexplicably lithe and sprightly for his advanced age, a traditionalist Craig is not. He uses the internet regularly, wears leather jackets, and is able to operate his complicated digital equipment with a level of competency you might not expect from someone born before the Spice Girls were a thing.


Craig has, in fact – and to his unending credit – not only earned but indelibly cemented his place among those who used to be known as ‘photographers’. He is one of a rare few: a professional, respected by his peers, whose career and reputation truly precede him.




Tel: +61 416 272 855

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